Love Me Always Tunics

Belles and Bruisers

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This listing is for a Love me Always Tunic

Upon checkput please advise wha size you would like. Your options are size 0 to size 4. If you would like bigger please email or dm.

Refer to size chart if necessary because my patterns are quite wide so your older babe might actually fit into the size 4 top and just need a longer skirt.

Each tunic will have a contrasting lace heart on the front.  (Lace style might vary slightly depending on availability)


**NOTE*** these are not long dresses. tunics are shorter more vintage style, designed to be worn with bloomers, little shorts, leggings , tights etc if you want longer skirt like a dress please specify


They are made to order so turn around time is approximately 3

Weeks ! NO LATER!!  I hope sooner. I work around the clock to complete orders earlier.